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Hi, my name is Super Free, also known as Olawunmi. I have worked with children of all abilities for 15+ years and have 7+ years experience leading prayer meetings, small groups, and developing prayer curriculum in home, school, and church settings.

Super Free is not my alter ego; it’s who I am. Prayer is my superpower and has brought much freedom into my life. I want to share this gift with all individuals – no matter the ability; no matter the special need.

I make an appearance in my new children’s book, Super Focus. It’s about five young superheroes-in-training, Clarity, Jonah, Ozzie, Samuel, and Jewel who are new to Superpower Boot Camp. This is a place where I, Super Free, train new recruits how to focus through prayer.

The kids meet up with me and I teach them how to hone their superpowers and overcome distracting thoughts, frustrations, and stress that many times come to steal their desire to focus. Come on a new adventure with me and my young superheroes as I train my recruits to become Super Focus.

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