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Hello there! My name is Olawunmi. 

I am a behavior specialist, prayer and special needs advocate, and CEO & founder of Freedom Now.

My day-to-day life consists of fun therapy sessions with amazing kiddos and telling anyone who will listen how powerful and effective prayer is!

Prayer completely transformed me from a confused, depressed suicidal youth to a FOCUSED woman who learned how to combat fears, lies, and tormenting thoughts through effective, strategic prayer! 

Prayer connected me to God which then brought FOCUS and CLARITY on a level that I never thought was possible. I am passionate about teaching YOU (and others) how to connect with God through a lifestyle of prayer.

[ The Longer version ]

I was a hot mess in my college days. I found myself at a top University hoping to be a successful scientist but

weighed down by severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and a major lack of FOCUS.

Sadly, I was in and out of school on multiple leaves-of-absences throughout my 9 years of college because panic attacks, depression, and anxiety were ruling my day-to-day life.

During this time, my mom was on her knees crying out to God for my life. She shouted to the heavens and released powerful decrees, declaring that I would live and not die! She never wavered in her prayers either. 

Suddenly in 2009, a random stranger became an answer to her prayers. Back and forth chatting online, talks, and a meetup led to this individual connecting me to an important prayer call in 2010.

One evening I felt a tug to join that prayer call. That night, as I lay on my bed, the prayer leader was about to conclude prayer when he decided to start praying details from a dream I had prior to joining the prayer call.

Mind you, I did not know this person. I knew deep in my heart that this prayer leader clearly heard from God. It was in that moment I believed that God was real, that there was a reason to live, and that prayer truly worked. I wept, gave my life to Jesus Christ, and began following Him like it was nobody’s business. Prayer became essential and I started learning more and more about prayer through the Word of God and various ministries I got connected to that taught me about healing, freedom, and deliverance. Once 2011 came, I finally graduated from college with a degree in Psychology.

Fast forward to 2016: I found myself deeper in prayer ministry with years of experience teaching children how to pray through games and various fun activities plus leading prayer groups for women. 

Through prayer, my career path in Applied Behavior Analysis became super clear and as time went on God started speaking more and more to me about simple, effective prayers OR what I like to call Super Focus Prayer.

Super Focus Prayer not only provides prayer resources for children (WHOM I SOOOOO LOVE), but is for ANYONE…

What are you waiting for?

Join my Super Focus Prayer Community!


I offer FREE Prayer?

Specifically, FREE 1:1 30-minute prayer sessions for those who desire prayer. These are not therapy sessions but a time of Spirit-led, strategic prayer for the individual who desires to grow in a deeper relationship with God. When you book your Super Focus prayer call, you will be sent a link to a consent form for you to fill out and return to me before your first session. Your prayer call cannot take place without this being completed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

Many times these areas are targeted when I pray for others:


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    Super Focus Prayer is an online prayer community of Freedom Now and is a resource for all individuals who would like to connect to God and grow in prayer.

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